Established over 16 years ago, our dojo has relocated to Manor Hall and St Saviours Church hall Coalpit Heath. We have a number of experienced black belt instructors. Everyone in the club is dedicated to teaching one another whilst also seeking self progression. The dojo is where we train. Hard. To become fast, to become better. We respect our training partners and always show control. Nobody ever need feel intimidated - only inspired.

In here, a belt isn’t an accessory. It’s not to keep your trousers up. It’s something you earn and wear with pride

The journey to black belt is within reach for just about everyone with the right determination. At the dojo, we learn, practice and refine our art. Fitness is a result of this training along with a sense of achievement.

Results come with a little commitment from you and us at the club. So one day you wake up and realise just how much you know. And the journey continues...

A club for All abilities. All ages. All welcome.


Shukokai Karate Bristol

We are a growing club and now have over 60 students training at our Bristol dojos. Our plan is to expand membership and increase the number of training nights. We currently train up to 5.5hours a week. (See timetable) 

We encourage families to train together and often split the classes so everyone can take something useful away with them.

We practice in the traditional way building on our basic technique,  kumite and kata amongst other disciplines. Self defence is a major part of each class.

Typically we rehearse 'bunkai' -  (The hidden application and meanings within our kata) - and then we adapt these techniques so they work effectively on the street.

At the club everyone helps out and looks after one another. We are friendly and make a point of welcoming new members. Without intimidation. We hold a mutual respect for our training partners. 

Summer Course with Sensei Mickey Jones 6th Dan and UK Chief Instructor. Location: Manor Hall,  Coalpit Heath, Bristol.


As beginners, we learn from more senior members by training with them. Everyone who leaves the class will achieve something.  
  Justin Bailey  Bristol Instructor assists  Sensei Bobby Kurzweil 4th Dan  SMAF Manchester.

Justin Bailey Bristol Instructor assists Sensei Bobby Kurzweil 4th Dan SMAF Manchester.