Monthly tariffs
Our monthly payments and tariffs are designed to be flexible. So all students can progress through the belt system at a pace that suits them.

£6 per hourly session This is only available to new students wishing to try the club.

Please set up monthly standing orders for all the below tariffs:

£30 For students at lower grades training twice a week at the 6.00- 7.00 Tuesday session and or Saturday 10.00- 11.00 sessions. (Suitable for the younger beginners until they are able attend more than two session per week. Recommended for white and red belts).
£40 For a single student to train up to 5.5 hours per week. (Recommended for yellow belts and above)
£50 For families of 2 to 3 members. All can train up to 5.5 times per week.
*Each session lasts an hour (Thursdays 1.5 hours) See timetable.
Please phone for my account details for standing orders


Starter Kits
New students and beginners can buy karate starter kits from SMAF Bristol at a substantially reduced cost. The kits comprise of beginner's Gi (Suit) and sparring gloves. These kits are usually held in stock.

Kids Starter kit £30 for suit and gloves + badge (Retail price £37) + free delivery
Adult starter kit £40 for suit and gloves + badge (Retail price £52) + free delivery
Please ask for catalogue or for further information before ordering any equipment.


Karate equipment
We also offer martial arts equipment  to our more experienced students. This is also sold at a reduced cost and includes free delivery.
Our orders are delivered within 3 working days. Please ask for a catalogue to see the lines we sell.